Notifications Not Being Received After Autoconfig Is Run

SolutionTo implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

1. Log into the Oracle Applications Manager.
2. Click on Site Map.
3. Click on Notification Mailer under Workflow.
4. Click on the Edit button for the active mailer.
5. Click Next to step 3 that lists the Inbound EMail Account and Outbound EMail Account.
6. Confirm that the servers names are correct with the IMAP and SMTP servers and change as needed.
7. Click Next and then Click on Finish.
8. Stop and re-start the workflow mailer services within OAM and test.
9. If the issue is resolved, please migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.

Permanent solutions:

Autoconfig Overwriting The SMTP Server Name For The Java Mailer

[applmgr@test]$ cat UAT_test.xmlgrep s_smtphost

hostname oa_var= s_smtphost test hostname

[applmgr@test]$ cat UAT_test.xmlgrep s_smtpdomainname

domain oa_var=s_smtpdomainname domain

1. Update the following parameters in context file on the Concurrent Manager Application Tier node under oa_smtp_server in OAM to the correct Outbound Server Name assigned to the Workflow Mailer.


SMTP Server Host (s_smtphost)
hostname oa_var= s_smtphost mailtest hostname

Email Server Domain (s_smtpdomainname)
domain oa_var=s_smtpdomainname domain

2. The next time autoconfig runs on the node it will contain correct setting.