Complete Restore / Recover Syntax


rman target rman/rman

RMAN> set dbid=1138590899

Executing command: SET DBID

RMAN> startup nomount

Oracle instance started

RMAN> set controlfile autobackup format for device type disk to 'c:\backup\%F';


RMAN> restore controlfile from autobackup;

RMAN> mount database;

database mounted

RMAN> restore database;

Starting restore at …..

RMAN> recover database;

Starting recover at ….

RMAN> alter database open resetlogs;

database opened

RMAN> exit

Recovery Manager complete.

Block Media Recovery
Oracle introduced the ability to perform block level recovery in 9i. The following syntax can be used to perform block level recovery:

RMAN> blockrecover datafile 1 block 2;


run {
allocate channel c1 device type disk|sbt;
blockrecover datafile 1 block 2;

Note these restrictions of block media recovery:

• You can only perform block media recovery with RMAN. No SQL*Plus recovery interface is available.
• You can only perform complete recovery of individual blocks. In other words, you cannot stop recovery before all redo has been applied to the block.
• You can only recover blocks marked media corrupt. The V$DATABASE_BLOCK_CORRUPTION view indicates which blocks in a file were marked corrupt since the most recent BACKUP or BACKUP ... VALIDATE command was run against the file.
• You must have a full RMAN backup. Incremental backups are not allowed. Note that Block media recovery is able to restore blocks from parent incarnation backups and recover the corrupted blocks through a RESETLOGS.
• Blocks that are marked media corrupt are not accessible to users until recovery is complete. Any attempt to use a block undergoing media recovery results in an error message indicating that the block is media corrupt.


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