Discoverer 10g Installation and Migration Plan

10g Infra and AS with Discoverer 10g Installation and Migration Plan

Application Server:
1. Oracle Identity Management 10g (
Download URL
2. Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 (
Download URL

What is Discoverer


AIX Version 5.3 - EBIZ 11i
AIX Version 5.3 - Application Server(Separate Machine)


• Feasible Architectures
• Installation
• Configuration
• Connectivity to Apps DB
• Post Installation Tasks
• EUL Migration
• Discoverer clients on Windows PC
• JInitiator upgradation


• Application Unix Account
• Oracle Unix account
• 10gAS Server Installation with Discoverer Component on separate ORACLE_HOME on existing 11i environment on application tier or separate server.
• Installation of Infra metadata database (If required) on separate server
• Configuration of Portal setup (If required)

Change ownership on application user like oracle or applmgr, etc …

chown -R applmgr:dba /etc/oraInventory


1. Establish Connectivity between Discoverer 10g and Apps Database
2. Discoverer integration with 11i through changes in XML.
3. Discoverer Profile changes in 11i to point new Discoverer 10g

Connectivity to Apps DB

• Update tnsnames.ora file to connect Oracle Apps 11i
• Enable sqlnet access
• Connectivity check through Discoverer Home

Post Installation Tasks

• Configuring Oracle 11i to use Discoverer 10g and to load Application specific content and workbooks into discoverer 10g EUL
• Latest AutoConfig patch
• AD Patch application
• ICX Patch application

EUL Migration

• Schema creation for EUL
• EUL Creation
• Database Parameter setting (Rollback segment)
• DBA setup to migrate $AU_TOP to 10gAS server
• Import Discoverer Content for release 11i
• Refresh Discoverer 10g EUL
• Check grant privileges (Responsibility, Users, Workbooks )

Discoverer clients on Windows PC

Install Internet Developer Suit 10g, this will install Admin edition

• Edit Microsoft windows registry
• FTP DBC file from 11i to D:\secure on Windows PC
• TNS Connectivity to 11i Database
• Install Discoverer Desktop

JInitiator Upgradation

• Change in config.xml on 10gAS env.
• JVM setting for JInitiator
• JInitiator upgrade on 11i env.
• Application JInitiator patches

Oracle Application Server 10g

Installation Screenshots

The following information is available in:

Oracle Application Server 10g Usernames and Default password information:
Please refer to Oracle Application Server 10g Administrator Guide for more information.
Install Type: Identity Management and Metadata Repository

Configured Components: Oracle Application Server Metadata Repository Oracle HTTP Server Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE Oracle Internet D
irectory Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On Oracle Application Server Delegated Administration Services Oracle Directory Integration Platform

New Database created with these properties:
Database File Location: /u01/applmgr/disco10g/oradata/
Database Global Name:
Database SID:bldisco
Database Name:bldisco
Character Set: -characterset AL32UTF8

Use the following URL to access the Oracle HTTP Server and the Welcome Page:

Use the following URL to access the Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Server Control:

Instance Name:

Oracle Application server 10g

Give the OID(10g Infra hostname and OID Port) hostname and port.

Provide the 10g Infra username (ias_admin) password : welcome1

Provide the below details

User Name : ias_admin
Instance name : disco
Password : welcome1

Oracle Application Server 10g Usernames and Default password information:

Please refer to the Oracle Application Server 10g Administrator Guide for more information.

Install Type: All Services

Configured Components: Oracle HTTP Server, Oracle Application Server 10g Containers for J2EE, Oracle Application Server 10g Web Cache, Oracle Application Ser
ver 10g Portal, Oracle Application Server 10g Discoverer, Oracle Application Server 10g Personalization, Oracle Application Server 10g Reports Services, Orac
le Application Server 10g Forms Services,

Registered with Oracle Internet Directory: apollo:389

Use only SSL connections with this Oracle Internet Directory:No

Database Connection String: doyen.doyen-sys:1521:bldisco.doyen-sys:bldisco.doyen-sys

Use the following URL to access the Oracle HTTP Server and the Welcome Page:


Use the following URL to access the Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Server Control:

Instance Name:


1.1 Copy dbc file from 11i ebiz to 10g Discoverer Server

Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10 customers :

The default naming convention for the .dbc file for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11.5.10 is .dbc.

Please copy the dbc file .dbc from your 11i instance, and save the file on your Discoverer 10.1.2 $ORACLE_HOME/discoverer/secure directory as .dbc.

$copy $FND_SECURE(11i) TO $ORACLE_HOME/discoverer/secure(10g Disco)

$cp $FND_SECURE $ORACLE_HOME/discoverer/secure

1.2 Update tnsnames.ora file

Copy $TNS_ADMIN/tnsnames.ora (11i) to ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/tnsnames.ora(Disco 10g)


Migrate your existing Discoverer End User Layers to Discoverer 10.1.2.

Upgrade your existing Discoverer 4i or Discoverer 9.0.4 End User Layer to Discoverer 10.1.2 by using the following command on the standalone application server where Oracle Business Intelligence Server 10g Release 2

Pre Upgrade steps

1. export ORACLE_HOME=/progs/scr/disco10g/OraHome_11
2. export TNS_ADMIN=/progs/scr/disco10g/OraHome_11/network/ADMIN
3. tnsping uat
4. export eul_us schema in 11i instance(Just backup)

Backup 11i ebiz eul_us schema

oracle doyen> exp EUL_US/EUL_US file=pre_10g_upgrade_eul_backup.dmp

Run the following command to migrate 4i disco to 10g disco

10g Disco oracle home (not infra oracle home)

bash-2.05b$ pwd

bash-2.05b$ eulapi -CONNECT EUL_US/EUL_US@uat -AUTO_UPGRADE
-connect <**********>
Command completed.

Now try to open Discoverer viewer

End Of the Installation

If need any query, please post your comments


Anonymous said...


I would like to say Thanks to you for creating such a nice infomatic blog
for apps dba's.

I am working in steria formally its xansa india in chennai...actully if u
can post some discoverer related information as well then it will be a g8

Thanks and Regards
Nikhil Jain
DBA Shared Services
Steria (India) Limited

C: 838-4406

Sundar K said...

I have some issues in connecting disco 10 with EBS

I've already installed Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 ( that includes Identity Management Infrastructure 10g ( and Application Server 10g Release 2 ( type Business Intelligence and Forms on different Homes in a single server. The EBS ( also installed on the same server with different home.

While opening "http://servername:7780/discoverer/viewer"
I got the following error.
" - Unable to retrieve the Schema password for base Schema ORASSO_DS from Oracle Internet Directory Server for the repository null. Please verify that the correct Oracle Internet Directory Server parameters are specified in /d03/oracle/BI_Home/config/ Make sure that the Oracle Internet Directory Server specified in OIDhost, OIDsslport is up and running. Base Exception : oracle.ias.repository.schema.SchemaException: Unable to retrieve Attributes for orclResourceName=ORASSO_DS,orclReferenceName=ORCL.COM,cn=IAS Infrastructure Databases, cn=IAS, cn=Products, cn=OracleContext from Oracle Internet Directory Server ldap:// Base Exception : javax.naming.NoPermissionException: [LDAP: error code 50 - Insufficient Access Rights]; remaining name 'orclResourceName=ORASSO_DS,orclReferenceName=ORCL.COM,cn=IAS Infrastructure Databases, cn=IAS, cn=Products, cn=OracleContext'
Unable to retrieve connection list
- The connection list could not be retrieved. See other error messages for details. "

Kindly help.
Waiting for your answer.

Ramesh Mani said...


Please change this schema password.

Alter user ORASSO_DS identified by password;

Then follow this steps.

Click this URL.

You need to change this schema ORASSO_DS password here also.

then try.

If you any quer please let me know.

Ramesh Mani

Sundar K said...


Thanks for the update.

I'm not clear about changing ORASSO_DS password in OIDADMIN. I couldn't understand the screen shots and the update given along.

Can you pls update ?
Thanks in Advance.
Sundar K

Ramesh Mani said...

acctually problem is Unable to retrieve the Schema password for base Schema ORASSO_DS. So you need to change the ORASSO_DS passoword.

First you change database level. Then change to 10g AS level, use OIDADMIN tool. IF tou need any clarification pls call me. I will let you know, How to do that.

If possible send mail me that error screen shot.

Ramesh Mani

Sundar K said...

Hi Ramesh,

Thank you for the support.
I'm having trouble in changing orasso_ds password in OIDADMIN. Since, I'm a newbe to AS10g, I couldn't understand what is what.

I just sent you the error screenshot to ur gmail id.

Sorry for disturbing your sleep.
Sundar K

Ramesh Mani said...


After metadata database problems, the iAS related passwords for ORASSO, ORASSO_PS and ORASSO_DS
were locked.

Since the ORASSO, ORASSO_PS and ORASSO_DS were locked, Discoverer logins failed with error:


To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

1. Reset ORASSO, ORASSO_PS and ORASSO_DS passwords in Oracle database and unlock accounts.

2. Then reset passwords in OID by doing the following:

a. Use oidadmin to change the ORASSO password:

(1) Start oidadmin

(2) Go to Entry Management

(3) Go to oraclecontext/Products/IAS/IAS Infrastructure

(4) Click on the right panel -> click on the attribute orclpasswordattribute and type in the new ORASSO password

4. Restart the SSO server

$ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl restartrpoc process-type=HTTP_Server

$ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl restartrpoc process-type=OC4J_SECURITY

Please find the following metalink note id: 271044.1, 427959.1

Ramesh Mani

Anonymous said...

This was very helpful tips for a similar problem I was having.

Thank you Mr. Mani.

Mohammed Rahman

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Unknown said...

New to Oracle Internet Directory, previous DBA left and changed passwords but I cannot get into cn=orcladmin - unlocked the OID DB account and reset it to the password of what should work for cn=orcladmin, but now getting a credentials error for the cn=orcladmin, how do I get around that? I'm trying to check or update the ORASSO_DS specification in the Directory, because we have a service OC4J_BI_Forms not coming up.. Thanks My email is

Sridevi Koduru said...

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