Apps Syntex on adrelink, compile

Compile Forms and Lib

f60gen module=AFMLSUBB.pls userid=apps/apps output_file=AFMLSUBB.plx module_type=library batch=yes compile_all=special
f60gen module=ASOQTLIN.pll userid=apps/apps output_file=ASOQTLIN.plx module_type=library batch=yes compile_all=special
f60gen module=CSXSRISR.fmb userid=apps/accel Output_File=/ora/apps/prodappl/cs/11.5.0/forms/US/CSXSRISR.fmx log=/ora/apps/prodappl/cs/11.5.0/log/CSXSRISR.log
f60gen module=CSXCHTAB.fmb userid=apps/apps Output_File=/oracle/apps/trgappl/cs/11.5.0/forms/US/CSXCHTAB.fmx Module_Type=form Batch=Yes Compile_All=Special

Compile Backage and Backage Body

select 'alter ' || object_type ||' '|| OBJECT_NAME || ' compile ' || ';' from dba_objects where object_type in ('FUNCTION','PACKAGE','PROCEDURE','TRIGGER','VIEW') AND

select 'alter ' || 'PACKAGE '|| OBJECT_NAME || ' compile body' || ';' from dba_objects where object_type in ('PACKAGE BODY') AND STATUS ='INVALID';

Check the Apps file version

strings -a $XXX_TOP/resource/EAMOPMDF.plx | grep '$Header'

strings -a $XXX_TOP/patch/115/sql/EAMWOTHB.pls | grep '$Header'

Manually issue the adrelink command to relink one executable.

i.e - force=y ranlib=y "FND FNDFS" force=y "ad adadmin"

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